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A great bookseller, source of knowledge about current, out of print, historical, and collectible angling and sporting books generally--and the publisher of my own and many other recent good fishing titles: Paul Morgan owner of Coch y Bonddu Books:-

A terrific, worldwide website about all aspects of fly fishing from deep thought to shallow enjoyment and all points between, focussed on getting fly fishing right whilst pushing the envelope and making it fun too:-

My wonderful fishing club in the Derbyshire Dales The Cressbrook and Litton Fly Fishing Club, with eleven miles of the Wye (some day tickets are available via the website) :-

My other, equally wonderful club is the Wilton Fly Fishing Club in Wiltshire, which has 10 miles of the Wylye, a chalk stream tributary of the Hampshire Avon.  Like the Cressbrook and Litton, we have a come-any-day basis for membership. We don't have a website, but we do sometimes have vacancies, we maintain a short waiting list, and since I'm the President you could if you were interested use the Contact form on this website to send a message to me -- I'd put you in touch with Mike Tebbs our Hon. Secretary. We have a really interesting and informative folio about the club and its fishing in pdf for those with a keen and practicable interest in joining. The history of the club has recently been published by John Knott of our Committee and is available at Medlar Books:-

The greatest ally and supporter of the wild trout in the UK, dedicated to its habitat restoration, and to gaining and disseminating useful knowledge to help the species win against the unending onslaught of anthropogenic malaise: an organisation I've been proud to have been on the Executive Committe of for a dozen years-- the Wild Trout Trust:-

The greatest defender of, and advocate for the wild trout at the door of government, and the greatest independent organiser of trout science in support of those roles: the Salmon and Trout Association, where I was on the Scientific and Technical Committee for many years:-

The Angling Trust is the unified representative body for all anglers and it fights hardest to protect fish and fishing at a local and national level.  Fish Legal acts as the legal arm of the Angling Trust in England, and takes legal action against polluters and others who damage its members’ fisheries.   :-

A great UK fly fishing site published and run by the well-known West Countrycasting instructor and guide Pete Tyjas:-

A superb weekly newsletter from South Africa by a man who knows how to fish, photograph, and publish great stuff  that will make you want to go there, Tom Sutcliffe:-

My namesake who is a world famous casting instructor, competition fly fisher and guide based in Tasmania--we are still looking forward to fishing with each other, either at his end of the world or mine-- Protipodes or Antipodes: Peter Hayes:-

A terrific writer and creative man, and a committed restorer of trout habitat, especially urban habitat: Editor of The Flyfisher's Journal. Author of "Trout in Dirty Places", Merlin Unwin 2012 and the forthcoming "Pocket Guide to Balsam Bashing and Other Invasive Species", Theo Pike:-

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